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“Shhh, it’s sufficient,” the Father (Christopher Rygh) reassures his sleepy younger Daughter (Cora Kaufman) in her makeshift tent of twigs, within the origin of The Head Hunter. One factor ferocious has invaded the perimeter of their snowy encampment, however the Father, a bearded hulk of a particular person, has honest right fought and slain it in an off-screen display screen try in opposition to, heard however not seen. What’s seen is the copious blood on the Father’s sword and positively on his fingers, and now on the fur that covers his Daughter. “I regularly concept I might perchance present safety to her,” he is subsequent heard asserting in voiceover. “What took her from me is restful accessible. Now I await it to advance once more.”

The Head Hunter is a movie of ellipses and aftermaths. Right as we attain not see the creature that the Father fights on the originate up, or the murder of the Daughter by one factor else, we additionally attain not mediate the a massive choice of other fights of this expert monster slayer. Instead, we see their penalties: the horrific, gaping wounds that he bears on his physique (however fleet treatments), and the severed heads of the vanquished creatures that he areas on stakes interior his stone cottage.

On this unnamed Northern nation, at some degree of a Darkish Age the place mythic monsters restful slide the land, the Father leads a solitary existence away from the Fortress group. He spends his time repairing his armour, brewing a specific salve that miraculously heals even his most disagreeable accidents, and visiting his Daughter’s grave. And at any time when a lots away horn sounds an concern to summon him, he heads out to internet down the following ungodly menace to the dominion. When the monster that killed his daughter does in the end return, he takes its head – honest right for that head, now magically revived, to switch on a decided stare a contemporary physique.

Directed and edited by Jordan Downey, who additionally co-wrote the screenplay with cinematographer Kevin Stewart, The Head Hunter is a medieval monster film which makes a benefit of its micro-value vary. For by focusing extra on the inside workings of its protagonist’s day-to-day existence than on the outside spectacle of his slayings (which the movie would perchance by no method possess afforded to degree to anyway), it comes throughout as a finish gape in psychodrama.

Performed by Rygh (in his first lead characteristic) with a gruff depth, the Father is an environment friendly predator who every so often seems extra human than the creatures he faces. Holed up in a hovel whose grime you’d almost odor, this social exile talks final to the tiring and lives final to execute. And although his narrative seems very simple, he leaves us questioning whether or not or not he would perchance actually be a lot much less loyal knight than rogue assassin inhabiting the at a loss for phrases and guilt-ridden perspective of his salvage at a loss for phrases headspace, and struggling not so highly effective with monsters “accessible” as with inside demons that threaten to internet over the ultimate vestiges of his humanity.

Ellipses are honest right components lacking from a account’s physique, traumatic substitution. We attain not know highly effective in regards to the Father’s background (or definitely what occurred to the Mom), however we attain know that he is now a literal serial killer, and what’s extra that he collects disagreeable trophies from his slayings. We cannot make sure how the Father’s daughter died, however we attain know that after we closing see her, he is kneeling over her supine physique with bloody fingers.

When the creature that killed her later digs up her headless skeleton to advise as its salvage physique, and the Father – after begging her forgiveness – decapitates the monster from her, would perchance this addled warrior not solely right be restaging an unspeakable act that he has already dedicated on his Daughter’s physique? If the killer creature is good a manufacture of the Father’s traumatised, psychotic thoughts, then within the kill The Head Hunter finds a contrivance to literalise this thought, and to degree to the horrible head that ideas the individual’s hulking body.

So there are (not decrease than) two options of deciphering the Father’s tragedy. On the one hand, it is a straight narrative of a vengeful monster hunter assembly his messy give up. On the opposite, it is a extra internalised, unreliable illustration of a mass assassin inventing fanciful eventualities to avoid confronting his deeds and himself, until in the end he yields absolutely to the help watch over of the monster inside.

The movie’s predominant intertext, the Spoiled Ineffective trilogy, helps both one among these readings. Fancy Sam Raimi’s motion pictures, The Head Hunter sides a cabin within the woods, a certain ebook of monsters, and demonic beleaguerment – and the Father is a precursor to Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, equally surviving impolite bodily hurt, and equally having to achieve try in opposition to with endless monsters, together with a buried, decapitated beloved one who has risen from her makeshift grave.

However the demons that Ash should try in opposition to are usually extensions of his particular person, be it the possessed hand that he cuts off his salvage arm in Spoiled Ineffective II, or the ‘Spoiled Ash’ doppelgänger that proves his closing nemesis in Military of Darkness, which cherish Downey’s movie has a medieval environment. The Father too will doubtless be merely in warfare with himself and his salvage fracturing psyche. A panicky scene come the give up in a wretched tunnel conjures up Ben Wheatley’s Rupture Listing, but another movie a pair of psychologically alarmed man who externalises his inside conflicts as outline paranoid plots.

One different allusion right here suggests the Father’s reputation as an ur-slasher – a psycho-killer avant la lettre. For within the Father’s cottage there may perchance be a chair that he has long-established from the bones, tooth and pores and pores and skin of each animals and his victims – a chair honest right cherish those adorning the slaughtermen’s dwelling in Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath.

Accordingly, the Father is every hero and villain of this ambiguous fantasy which, cherish a headless corpse, requires a certain supplementation for its efficient identification. Any contrivance you piece it collectively and skim between its scenes, although, Downey and his skeleton crew possess crafted a richly atmospheric and relentlessly dim saga of scandalous integrated. This gritty, gory labour of cherish is highly effective greater than sufficient.

The Head Hunter is accessible on Blu-ray from 101 Movies on 12 April.

Printed 14 Apr 2021

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