“Southern Route” by Photographer Tamara Reynolds

Photographer Tamara Reynolds was once born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1960, the put she silent lives as of late. Her lifelong abilities as a resident of the Southern United States was once the catalyst from which her “Southern Route” collection was once born. Exploring themes of id, battle, and alternate, she confronts the simultaneous delight and shame she feels about her Southern roots. 

“The nation has stereotyped the South as hillbilly, religious fanatic, and racist. Even even when there would possibly per likelihood be proof of it, I in fact take pleasure in additionally discovered that there’s a restrained dignity and a generous affection that Southerners comprise intrinsically. We’re a novel scenario, prosperous in custom, regular by adversity. . .There would possibly per likelihood be extra to be revealed under the underside of issues. Whereas questioning my appreciation of the South, I discovered the wonder that’s internal. And by compassion, I in fact take pleasure in advance to amass.”

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