Romblon’s True Treasures: 2nd Place Winner in Picture Essay Contest

Noemi Marquez, the third maintain of residing winner of the Image Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon, shared stunning snapshots of her fatherland that video show the fishermen who work exhausting for his or her households and the pure property luxuriate in coconut bushes that they have been blessed with. However most of all, she highlighted in her essay the of us which can be among the intriguing treasures of their island. Learn her entry written in her mom tongue and translated into the English language.

Romblon’s Factual Treasures

Romblon is acknowledged not best for having super locations and vacationer spots however moreover because of Romblomanons for being easy, loving, industrious, and revolutionary of us. It’s moreover acknowledged for its traditions and feeble methods of working.

Copra by Noemi Marquez

Romblon’s unbelievable seas are incomplete with out fishermen who work exhausting for his or her households. The ocean is one amongst our property the place we salvage our dwelling, the meals we relish and promote, together with the fishes that our fishermen protect day-after-day.

Romblon Livelihood by Noemi Marquez

Romblomanons are not best upright fishermen, however moreover they’re upright in copra making, which might perhaps be exported to completely completely different locations inside the Philippines. The coconut bushes that our ancestors planted are very valuable from its physique which might perhaps be frail in making properties, leaves for roofs, partitions, and brooms. Romblomanons video show that each one of us has a selected position in a neighborhood for the success of the province and for the reason that island is efficiently off with pure property luxuriate in seas and mountains.

Fishing in Romblon

To high it off, Romblomanons are very environment friendly in considering of methods on the tactic to present a dwelling for his or her households, and we’re displaying that in a little bit draw—by making contributions to the neighborhood and by not forgetting the place we began and the problems that quiet allow us to reside even with out know-how. Romlomanons video show that they really are the right treasures of Romblon.

Ang Matuod na Manggad ng Romblon

Kilaya ang Romblon bukon lang sa mga kainayo na lugar kag pamasyaran kundi dahil sa mga Romblomanon, sa pagiging easy mapalanggaon, mahugod kag mapamaraan nga mga tawo, kag lalo na gid sa pagiging madinumdumon naton sa aton ginhalinan, kag sa kung ano ang aton kinamulatan na trabaho na kung sa diin didto mas nakikilaya ang Romblon.

Aber mauno kaayo ang aton isla kag mga kadagatan bukon ini kumpleto kung waya mga minugbunit nga nagakayod para sa inda pamilya. Ang dagat hay isa sa ginabuy-an pangabuhi naton na kung sa diin nakakabuoy kita aton makakaon kag pangbaligya, isa diri ang isda na dawi ng aton mga minugbunit. Bukon lang sa dagat mayad ang mga Romblomanon, mayad man sinda maglugit na kung sa diin hay ginabaligya kag ginadaya pa sa iba pa na lugar diri sa Pilipinas.

Ang tanom na niyog ng aton mga maguyang hay madamo na puyos, ang bunga na ginalugit naton, ang lawas na ginahuman naton na dingding sa aton mga bayay, kag ang pakyang ng niyog na nabubuy-an naton bubong kag silhig. Ginapakita lang ng taga Romblon na bawat isa na Romblomanon hay may additionally sincere ginahuman sa panimayay, dugang pa na kamayad kita journal human ideya kung paano naton mabubuhi ang pamilya ta, kag mapakita ta na igwa kita naiambag sa kumonidad aber sa maisot na bagay, kag waya naton nakakalimutan kung sa diin kita naghalin, kung ano na bagay ang nakabuhi sa aton pwera ang teknolohiya. Ginapakita lang na ang Romblomanon ang matuod na manggad ng Romblon.

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