KSI: All Over the Place overview – gritty beats and Hallmark rhymes

OkSI doesn’t have the standard rapper origin story. He began out making gaming movies on YouTube and have become a millionaire earlier than ever releasing a tune. His 2020 debut album, Dissimulation, was his first actual try at proving that he was greater than only a social media influencer cosplaying as a hip-hop artist.

His follow-up mission, All Over the Place, is aptly titled. It fidgets from style to style, UK storage to drill, pop to Afro swing, however by no means fairly finds its resting place. KSI has nice adaptability, nonetheless, and may swap from a fast-paced rhyming sample on Insanity to lullaby-rapping on Don’t Play. He efficiently pulls in huge names too, and Quantity 2, that includes Future and 21 Savage, is a high-quality collaboration.

There are occasional glimpses of vulnerability. “I’m approach too outdated so that you can beat me/ I simply need you to deal with me like an individual,” KSI sings on Sleeping With the Enemy, about his mom. Total, although, platitudes and simple metaphors rattle inside hole lyrics. “All the things I do, I do all of it for you”, go the lyrics on You. “Everytime you’re right here, it’s time,” he sings on Vacation. Sadly, the Hallmark mawkishness swamps any grit.

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