How James Lawrence Ready His Physique for 100 Consecutive Ironmans

5 years in the past, James Lawrence did the very now doubtlessly not. Over the route of fifty days, the endurance athlete achieved 50 consecutive Ironmans. In case you’re not conscious of triathlons, that’s a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike run, topped off with a fat 26.2-mile marathon. The hassle landed him throughout the Guinness World Information with a complete lot of achievements that haven’t been touched since. That’s until now: Lawrence is trying the very now doubtlessly not once more, despite the fact that this time he’s doubling it. That’s simply, he’s aiming to cessation 100 consecutive Ironmans this time. “I didn’t decide 75 appeared irritating sufficient,” Lawrence tells Males’s Journal, when puzzled how he lastly got here to the quantity. The phrase is said with the no-nonsense perspective and steely stage of curiosity that’s earned him the moniker the Iron Cowboy. “And on story of why not?”

Lawrence is on the second throughout the course of the Hurculean effort in his residence inform of Utah, surrounded by his group—necessary different, Sunny, and 5 youthful of us. We spoke with the Iron Cowboy about how he’s teaching, convalescing, and staying mentally match to cessation the Conquer 100 impart.

How ‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence Prepped to Selection out 100 Consecutive Ironmans

Males’s Journal: How did the foundation of the Conquer 100 originate?

James Lawrence: I’d converse I first even handed it two years in the past. My physique grew to become as soon as attending to a connect the set it grew to become as soon as completely recovered from the 50 attempt. I grew to become as soon as initiating to crave one thing authentic—one thing greater. Now that I’d carried out the 50, doing extra grew to vary into attainable. Trying again we started to notion a pair of of the logistical and coaching errors we made. There have been efficient issues we might implement to push the boundaries further.

What extra or a lot much less a bodily toll did 50 Ironmans elevate in your physique?

There grew to become as soon as a high-tail in my shoulder I wanted to deal with best 5 days in. I developed extreme tendinitis in my legs, in addition to foot blistering and toenail loss. I think about I misplaced six of my 10 toenails over the route of it. I grew to become as soon as experiencing physique deterioration all through, nonetheless you simply wanted to study to deal with it. You find out how one can keep a watch on misery. Probably the most inviting fallout I dealt with grew to become as soon as completely numb fingers and toes after ending. It doubtlessly took me six months, if not a yr, for me to rep that feeling help. And now that I keep it help, I’m able to rep help accessible and attempt one thing crazy once more.

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