Eventide Rose Evaluation

The Delta multiplier can create so many various sounds, textures, and evolving loops. For instance, whereas enjoying within the Delta multiplier mode, then shutting it off, you’re in a position to create shifts in pitch. Thus, if the Delta mode is on 2x and also you press the Delta button off, no matter you have been enjoying goes up one octave, 3x one octave and a fifth, 4x two octaves, and 5x two octaves and a 3rd. Creating these excessive pitch cascading strains.

One other element that makes this pedal so distinctive is the Phi button. The Phi button produces among the greatest reverse delays that I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The truth is, I’ve at all times been on a quest for that excellent backward sound in a pedal, particularly when performing. I can actually say that at the side of the analog filter, mixer, suggestions, and the modulation portion of this pedal, I’ve dialed in among the most satisfying and galvanizing sounds thus far.

The Phi mode additionally performs an essential function when the delays are quick and under 20 ms. In comb filter mode, turning the delay knob inverts the section delay line, and together with the suggestions knob, you possibly can dial in some gentle to wild sounding refrain, flanger, vibrato, auto-wah, and ring modulator tones that sound nice, all whereas remaining true to the essence of what the Rose has to supply.

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