Artist Highlight: Michael Dandley

A whole lot of latest work by Massachusetts-born, Switzerland-primarily based mostly artist Michael Dandley. Whereas first and important coming come every and every portray as an autonomous interrogation of our human interaction with the realm round us (every and every detrimental and ingenious), Dandley’s most modern sequence represents an extra enlargement and recognition of the interconnected world and guidelines he’s been establishing over the course of his ingenious educate:

“I passe to described my work as modern examinations of the panorama. I believed of every and every picture as explicit individual scenes exploring cycles of destruction and introduction arising from environments interacting with human exploration and appeal. Over this previous yr, on the other hand, I primarily possess come to help in methods every and every of these work (every and every previous and future) to be section of a unified and interconnected world. A spot which has its maintain inside guidelines and historical past. By depicting the habits, abilities, and applied sciences of this worlds inhabitants, I primarily possess begun to insist the foundations which govern their lives — guidelines which permit characters to bend or cheat physics in enlighten to securely navigate a updated and assuredly unstable realm.”

Uncover extra footage from “Worldling” beneath apart from to extra of Dandley’s beforehand featured work right here!

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