Artist Highlight: Hannah Lupton Reinhard

A bunch of most modern artwork work by Los Angeles-basically primarily based artist Hannah Lupton Reinhard. Having grown up in a predominantly Jewish group with various assumed and normalized social expectations, Reinhard’s work could be seen as an interrogation of her relationship to her beget lineage — an try to grapple with points treasure what it approach to be a ‘fantastic Jewish lady’ or emotions of being concurrently ‘too Jewish’ and ‘not Jewish ample.’ As she states:

“Judaism is a performative faith that relies upon deeply on the generational handing-down (L’dor v’dor) of traditions throughout a group. It’s miles a religion of yarn-telling that has maintained itself in the course of the repetition of narratives, and the rituals that lengthen with them. It’s miles a conference that relies on humor to deal with extinct histories, and achieve new ones.

Via the depiction and repetition of ritual objects, I need my artwork work to over-gain and exaggerate Jewish rituals, whereas concurrently hiding their Jewishness, burying it in color, sample, decoration, and femininity. And thru an over-performance of femininity–hair, lips, eyes, arms–I are alive to to teeter between the traces of ugliness and magnificence, the regular and the unreal, reminiscence and photos, heavy-handedness and delicacy. I survey to depict the Jewish woman as mischievous but nurturing, trim but scary, fairly but thrilling, virtually treasure a siren or fairy or varied-worldly creature… I are alive to to power the viewer to dig previous the preliminary type of bait, the shimmering attain, and obtain the subtle, provocative-to-instruct emotions.”

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