“A Tune Close to the Finish of the World,” by Sharon Olds

Audio: Learn by the writer.

As a result of I out of the blue consider the bear—

my head jerks up—doesn’t imply the bear

is close to. I used to be right here 4 months earlier than I noticed the bear.

Large exhausted mammal trudged by the porch—it was the bear

Joe advised me Sue had seen whereas she was selecting berries.

Male, 5 hundred kilos, the bear

was large in entrance, and tapered towards the naked

patch on the furred nearly curly truculent rear.

Such a scorching midsummer, such a drained bear.

He was like a god—a lot house was crammed with bear.

Like a cumulonimbus come all the way down to earth—a density of bear

with blood in him, and enamel, and a bear

liver and bear

lights. A pirate bear, a non-public bear, a lone bear,

it could be a father bear, it’s a son bear,

a quarantine bear,

doing the important work of his life—an endangered bear.

We didn’t share breath—I used to be behind the window, and the bear

handed on the opposite facet of the porch rails like a bear

passing by means of bars of daylight. And bears

are imprisoned now in smaller and smaller wild jails for bears.

After I stand at a bush now and decide a blackberry,

I ponder how the bear

does it, together with his enamel or his bear

claws, which in my youth have been bear-

mitt pastries, brown sugar embedded with poppy seeds just like the dust and gore in bear

palms—folks have been eaten by bears

each summer time. My favourite a part of this bear

was his velvety golden-brown bear

muzzle. Galway and I have been mates, in a approach—a friendship that would bear

robust hugs. To me, a male—bear

or human—was an unknown, like my husband, like Galway. I bore

many poems by Galway, and he bore

many by me. Was “The Bear”

a boy? I believe so. A human being was male, then. A woman bear

may need appeared an excessive amount of like a mom—what man then may bear

his mom. I believe this tune is sort of a mate for Galway’s “Bear.”

A buddy on the finish of the world—it’s barely

identified how lengthy we are able to go on. A want for the bear:

pleasure, secure cubs born

and but to be born; ease of bear

thoughts; bear

coronary heart’s ease, and a dream of a bear

heaven, hills and woods of comb-born honey.

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