69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez overview – truth or act?

Danny Hernandez, AKA rapper and web troll Tekashi69 AKA 6ix9ine, began life as a broken and fatherless Hispanic child from Brooklyn, pushed by a starvation for wealth, fame and, most of all, a should be seen at any price. Every thing – from the facial tattoos, to the rainbow hair, to the sexually specific movies, to the embrace of gang tradition – was in the end about scary a response that could possibly be instantly quantified in clicks and follows: “clout”. However was the persona 6ix9ine an act or a sort of habit? Was he knowledgeable troll – the Katie Hopkins of hardcore hip-hop – or a genius marketeer? This intriguing documentary fails to completely reply these questions, nevertheless it does shine a light-weight on a very uneasy facet of web celeb.

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